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Corn Plant Dying...please help

This is Charlie...he's been in our family for probably 15 years now. He moves with me wherever I go. Recently, I gave him fertilizer (I never do that...thought he'd like it) and after that, his leaves started turning yellow and they developed yellow spots along their edges as well. I tried to water him a few more times to "dilute" the fertilizer but I think I may have overwatered him as a result.

We also installed a new AC system that was blowing directly on him. I moved him away from that last week and have not watered him since.

I'm scared to repot him because he's used to living in sand (my mom potted him in sand a long time ago and he's seemed ok with it) and I'm afraid normal soil might be a shock...especially since most potting soil contains fertilizer and that seems to have started this whole spiral.

Should I repot him and if so, in what? Are there any options without fertilizer in them? The sand is dry as far down as I can reach my finger, but he's still yellowing. I'm resisting the urge to water him as I don't want to "kill him with love."

Can someone help me save Charlie?


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    I think the cold draught from the air-conditioning is likely to be the problem, rather than the fertiliser. If anything it'll be starving in that small pot with just sand.
    I would repot using a multipurpose potting compost, in a pot that's a couple of sizes bigger. Make sure that the pot has drainage holes and when you water, let the surplus drain away so the roots aren't standing in water. That way it won't get waterlogged.
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