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Best weed membrane?

Hello there, I'm going to lay pea gravel where there was once grass. Can someone tell me the best weed suppressant membrane to use . The shiny one or the one like a thick t bag?? Find the former hard to work with as it unravels but if it is the better I will persevere. Thanking you in advance. 🙂


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,860
    The heavier one is certainly longer lasting and definitely more durable, although, as you've found, it's a bit harder to work with. 
    The biggest drawback of laying it under gravel is that, if you want to plant anything, it can be a bit tricky. It's also not great for the soil underneath, but if it suits your plans, it's a good medium. 
    Just be aware that weeds will seed in from above though  :)
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  • I'm proud to say we use tonnes of the stuff at home and at the allotment, but it lasts considerably longer in my experience, than the more flimsy variety.  It easily frays at the edges, so my advice would be to double it over at the raw edges, and use metal U clips (you can easily buy them online), to pin it down.
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