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Dry withered star jasmine trachelospermum jasminoides

I’ve a well established trachelospermum jasminoides that has flourished for more than 6 years. Suddenly the whole bush has turned red (In August) and branches of leaves are withering and dried out. Help! It’s my prized climber! 


  • It looks like drought to me although there are a few healthy green leaves still on it. I would cut out all of the dead branches, scratch the surface bark with your finger nail, if green/white it is still alive. If brown/dry it is dead. I have had problems with both of mine this year, I haven't had as much die back as you but they have certainly struggled. I put it down to the crazy weather we had early in the season. Also try giving ot loads of water for a couple of weeks. Good luck.
  • hi there! the leaves of trachelospermum do turn red in autumn,its quite normal and nothing to worry about. the withered stems however is something else entirely and yes, it looks like drought. i've had a problem with mine; one in shade is dark and glossy and flourishing. the one in full sun is drooping and not looking terribly well at all - i've probably not watered it often.
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