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Is it a Triffid?

What is this? Not planted so has come from a seed in my compost. Suspecting a squash of some description?


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,204
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    Hello Gordon and welcome to the forum. I think you have properly identified it as a member of the squash family - possibly courgette or marrow. They all look fairly similar at first.
    p.s. definitely not a triffid!
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  • Gordon322Gordon322 Posts: 2
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    Many thanks. Most likely from butternut squash or courgette seed (not a marrow) as we eat a lot of them. Hopefully a wee vegetable will appear before the end of the season!
  • We have a similar plant appeared in our veg patch … think it’s from our compost. 

     It’s producing butternut shaped fruits but I think it’s a bit late in the season to get a ripe crop. 

    Our Uchiki Kuri and Honeybear squashes are nearly ready to harvest. 

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