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Indoor succulent question

Hello, this is about an indoor plant, hope this is ok! 

I have this small burro’s tail, the leaves towards the bottom of the stems are constantly shrivelled, as though they aren’t getting enough water. Whereas the leaves towards the top are nice and plump and healthy. Watering doesn’t make any difference. 

I have the same problem with my curio Mount Everest.  Except that one does perk up again when I water it at least for a week or two until the bottom leaves go limp again.

Just wondered why this happens and can I fix it?


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,181
    How often do you water it? I'd pop it out of the pot and take a look at the roots in case there's any problems hidden down there. It looks like this was a stem cutting, as opposed to grown from a leaf, and the new conditions might not be as favourable as the parent plant was used to. These can be tricky to grow in this country as they like a lot of consistent light and need regular water and fertiliser. I've got one in my kitchen and you can see the seasonal growth along the stems as the leaves grow larger in the summer and smaller in the spring and autumn. It needs a grow light really.
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  • Indoor succulents need a lot of direct sunlight, otherwise they "stretch", becoming "leggy". Think that's what happened to the lower part of your succulent, when they were growing they didn't get enough sunlight. The upper part is doing well I guess because it is now getting decent amount of light and happy?

    Unfortunately there isn't a good way to "fix" the lower part now that it's already grown. Usually you can try "beheading" it: Cutting off the upper part and leave it in the potting mix. It will root and grow from there. The lower part you can leave it and think it will regrow too.

    Don't water them too much....

    I accidentally snapped mine a while ago, so I just plugged the snapped bits in the pot. Now I've got more succulents...   :p

  • Thank you both for your replies 🙂 I was given the plant so not sure what sort of care it received before it came into my custody. But I think I’ll cut off the lower bits and replant - will put it under a grow light. Cheers! 
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