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Wisteria recommendation - lightly scented


We are looking for a wisteria for a pergola. We need it to either have no scent or lighted scented, otherwise,  I will sneeze constantly! Has anyone got any recommendations? 

I currently have an Amethyst falls, which I am growing as a standard and that has hardly any scent, which is perfect. However my partner wants another larger one for the pergola. 

Site is in Dorset, very sandy soil in full sun. We will be adding manure and compost to the ground when it gets planted. 



  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,020
    I have a new white flowered wisteria which is far less scented than my inherited lilac coloured ones.  Sorry, no longer have the ticket with its name but it has long racemes of flowers if that helps identify it.  .
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  • Thanks Obelixx. Yes I do like the white ones, but some say highly scented, so it's tricky.
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