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Unknown chilli and problems

Please note, This is the first thing I have ever grown and I’m very proud of it - but a couple of questions if anyone could help! 

I bought Apache chilli seeds but I’m not sure that it is? They look like very small scotch bonnets? 

In June it had hundreds of small white flowers all over it, but then some holes started to appear in the leaves and within a day or so almost all the leaves had been partially eaten. I bought some bio pesticide and got rid of that problem and within a month or so it has regrown most of its foliage. 

Now I have another problem - the leaf edges look scorched and I don’t know exactly what it is. 

I’m using chilli feed and watering every 4-5 days, or allowing rain to get to it. It’s mainly been outside, I’ve just bought it back into the conservatory. 


  • Does the container have drainage?  Fruit does look  stunted to me if it is indeed apache F1 ( assuming you bought Apache F1 seeds from a reputable supplier rather than collected seeds from Apache F1 plants which would not come true to type). The Apache F1 I grew were not pointy or very elongated ( ie not like birds eye or cayenne shaped) , definitely taper shaped rather than habanero-like, but with a much blunter end - maybe 2-3 cm long and tapering from a diameter of about 1cm to 0.3 to 0.5 cm. Hard to tell from your pic if it is just a stunted growth  or if it is a different variety. Hopefully an expert will be able to help.

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  • Thanks!  It’s in a 12in ceramic pot with one large hole in the bottom. Gravel for the bottom inch and then compost. 
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    they are dwarf plants , so one possibility i can think is it might have become waterlogged if you were watering deeply every few days - mine were in 6 inch ( 2 litre) pots and seemed to do fine in that size with lots of chillies - one was in a much smaller ( just under 1 litre) and that did look a bit malnourished so I binned it about a month ago - even that managed to give me about 20-25 chillies before i ditched it.

    Your leaf issue could be water related - rain or watering can on leaves then bright sun ( if this is a recent development) will lead to leaf burn - or frankly i think there is something called pepper blight and some viral diseases too - I don't know enough to diagnose it sorry!

    edit to add - my outdoor plants have had plenty of slug and random pest damage so many leaves shredded, but fruit mostly intact.
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    Where are you?  It's generally too cold outside in the uk for growing chillies, although it's good to take them outside during warm sunny weather.  Anything below 12C and they'll suffer some leaf damage, above 15C and they will grow but are only really happy between about 20 and 25C.
    I'd say that looks like cold damage.
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  • They don't really need a lot of depth and Ceramic pots aren't a good idea.
    It's quite possible that you have over watered and the drainage hasn't been sufficient for them.
    They require warmth so perhaps having them outside until recently hasn't helped either.  They can be prone to pest damage but it is rarely sufficient to ruin the whole plant.
    I have 6 Cayenne plants in a trough 18" long and 6" deep in an un heated GH (SW UK). The harvest has been excellent with only a few fruit yet to ripen.
    All in all, I think yours have probably suffered from cold and wet weather  :)
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