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Help! Why do my Japanese maple leaves look like this?

Hi everyone, i have had a potted maple for about 18 months and absolutely love it. 

However each summer it starts getting what i think is leaf scorch, even though it doesn’t get too much direct sunlight and is relatively sheltered.
It also is growing new branches/leaves which seem healthy and vibrant… but it seems like many leaves are yellowing/dry at the edges. 

This happened last year but i assumed it was the repotting trauma, and it started off beautifully this spring but is now waning.

attached photos of moisture and ph levels - is there anything i can do to keep it healthier next year?! Thanks


  • sorry the PH photo didnt attach but it is around 7.5 (i think they prefer acidic but surely this isnt harming it that much?)
  • Mine are in Ericacious compost,part shade,they need a huge amount of (rain) water,and they also suffer from wind burn
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    Perfectly normal really. Some finer foliage - especially the ends - gets damaged by sun and wind. The solution is more shade. 
    Neutral soil is perfectly fine for them as long as they have everything else. Some shade and shelter, good drainage and water [rainwater if you don't live in a sift water area] 

    The most important thing is - if in pots, you need to refresh the soil every year, and pot on when necessary. They can't stay in the same soil long term - and especially not just in compost alone. 

    Forget these moisture meters - most of the time they don't seem to work.  Get used to using your hand and learning when it needs water  :)
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • It's so deeply potted as well...
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