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Mite identification please

I will spare you the stream of consciousness ramblings from my original thread, but on the advice of @Pete.8 I'm posting a new thread to see if anyone can help with identification.

Briefly, I have a heavy infestation of the little fellas in the pic below in some bags of MPC. 

I also have evidence of webbing on indoor plants and seedlings, between empty trays of compost, and maybe some outdoor ones (could just be spider webbing for the outdoor ones). I also have some damage to honesty seedlings that from googling seems to be consistent with spider mite - would you agree?

I haven't seen any mites on plants themselves, only in and around the compost.

Are the mites in the picture spider mites? Can they live in compost? The honesty is planted in compost that predated the bags with the mite infestation. Are the mites in the compost soil mites and I coincidentally have spider mites wreaking their damage too? I'd really appreciate any light that can be shed.
Sussex coast


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