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Peony bare roots

A few weeks ago I bought some peony bare roots from an onsite gardening site, not having a clue as to what bare roots were!
I bought 9 and bought a huge planter to put them in, Id read that they wouldnt grow until next spring so Im really surprised that theyve all taken and looking very healthy.
Ive been told to cut them down in the winter, it seems a shame but if thats what is needed, does this sound about right?
We covered them to protect them from our cats and squirrels digging them up but will take that off soon.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,918
    They'll  each need space to grow and mature, which will take a while. You can't keep them in that planter for long - they get big. 
    In late winter while they're dormant, pot them up separately- making sure the crown isn't any lower than the level they're growing at just now. 
    If you have suitable sites for them in the ground, you could plant them out instead. 

    Leave the foliage to die back itself. The plant needs those to help it grow.  :)
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  • I agree with @Fairygirl - all you do with peonies is remove leaves when they are dead.  I usually leave it until the spring as the dead foliage provides some protection to the tubers from winter weather.
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