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Kerria - too late to prune?

GrajeanGrajean Posts: 429
Just found a huge Kerria in a hedge, is it too late to prune it and how far down to cut?
Thank you.


  • Loraine3Loraine3 Posts: 571
    edited September 2021
    I would lightly trim it now and give it a severe cutback after flowering next Spring.

    Surprising what you find in hedges, we found 2 camellias and a rose when I cut back a huge laurel hedge. Plus 8 feet of lawn!
  • We have a kerria that last month we had to cut back very drastically for a number of reasons.
    It had new shoots already underneath what we pruned back and we are hopeful that we will get some foliage and flowers next year.
  • GrajeanGrajean Posts: 429
    Thank you, may cut back half.
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