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golden berry/ physalis

kippsattackskippsattacks Midlands, IrelandPosts: 17
Hello folks,
Does anybody know how long it takes for the fruit to be formed and ripen on Physalis plant? I've started them a bit late so flowers only forming now. I was also thinking would it be ok to transplant a few plants in large pots to keep indoors? 


  • My Physalis are practically finished now - had a good harvest this year despite the weather.
    I sowed in Feb and have just picked the last few fruits to continue ripening indoors.
    They aren't hardy and usually form large many branching plants so you need the room to get the best out of them.
    Depends how you can keep them indoors but if they are only forming flowers now, I wouldn't think they would be worth hanging on to.
    Much better to sow earlier next year :)
  • kippsattackskippsattacks Midlands, IrelandPosts: 17
    Thanks, philippasmith2, much appreciated. I'll leave them as they are, for now, we're having a few sunny days ahead. Haven't expected much of them in the begining, it was rather fun experiment with a supermarket-bought fruit but they turnrd out beatifully.    Will be definitely starting them earlier next year  :)
  • Experiments often turn out to be worthwhile if for no other reason than you learn how to improve next season.
    Hope you get at least one to munch this year  :)
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