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Perennial Planter!

Hi everyone,

I am brand new here and just wanted to get ideas for any perennials I can plant in in pots.  Having watched Friday's episode I really was inspired by the Will Young segment planting the containers.

I went to my garden centre yesterday and bought a few perennials to put in a terracotta container.  

x1 Catmint Nepeta 6 hills.
x1 Panicum Elegans (frosted explosion)
x1 Origanum Herrenhausen
x1 Echinacea Pururea

I also bought a Lamb's ear and Jacob's Ladder but ran out of space and will go in the border.

Does that combination above for one pot sound okay?  I don't expect much now it's September but I'm hoping they can settle in now and provide me some joy next year.

Thanks for reading,


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,155
    edited September 2021
    They'll probably be fine, as long as the container is big enough - but bear in mind that terracotta dries out quickly because it absorbs water, so you'll need to be vigilant with the watering through the season, especially if your spring is dry next year. 

    The J's Ladder will prefer a damper, shadier spot  :)

    Just a thought - some Panicums aren't 100% hardy, so just check it'll overwinter with you. It might just be an annual too. 
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