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New turf dying?

harmanjeetharmanjeet Posts: 1
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Had new turf recently put in which looks great from afar but when you go close, there are gaps, yellowing of the grass in certain areas and some areas are just rotten! 

I've been watering it morning and evening for the first 10 days, now watering it every other day. There is clean good quality sand and top soil under the turf. I wasn't aware or new turf fertiliser so have just ordered some which I'll use but what could be going wrong? Have I watered it too much or too less? 

Any tips/advice will be greatly appreciated :)


  • RedwingRedwing Posts: 1,458
    Looks fine to me.  You've done the right thing in keeping it well watered.  The roots will be growing.  Once a week watering through September should be adequate or until the cool and wet weather comes.  Don't worry.
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