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Remove Fuschia

Last year we dug up a fuschia bush that was just outside the front of our house, so that we could grow a climbing rose in its place. We tried to remove as much of the root as we could, but some of it was under that drive. I have noticed in the last couple of months that some stems have re-appeared. Is there any I can do to stop it growing back. With the rose now established we can't dig around very easily.


  • BiljeBilje Posts: 791
    I’m sure it will die away if you keep removing any green shoots down as far as you can. I’ve recently done this with ivy.
    Of course you could spray it with weed killer if you’re happy too. 
  • Thanks. I'd rather use any chemicals, I try to avoid them in general and also don't want to risk harming the rose. I hope you're right and it will give up the ghost eventually!
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