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ROSES Autumn/Winter Season 2021/22

As suggested due to the huge number of posts its time for the second thread of the year, this time to mark the Autumn winter season!  The summer thread will be closed.
Thank you to @Nollie our spring summer host and @Marlorena the original creator and font of rose knowledge. 

Please share your rosey pictures, your questions, your tips, your 2022 rose 'wishlists' as bareroot season and potted sales get underway, your favourites of the year and anything else rose related, all members old and new very welcome!

Summer hasnt quite gone yet, its been scorching today for me, and a few new purchases have yet to bloom, so heres a few of my personal favourites from the last few weeks to start us off;

Natalija (pheno geno)

Brother Cadfael (Austin)
Copper lights (styles)



  • Went to a garden show today. Only one rose stand, made up of other companies roses ( and not healthy looking ones either) so my wish list wasn't shortened. 

    Twilight zone 
    Down memory lane 
    Munstead wood 
    The Princes Trust 
    The Prince 
    Twice in a Blue Moon
    Super Trouper
    Dizzy Hights
    Mrs Herbert Stevens
    Crimson Glory

    These are my selection of possibilities for a red climber( but not too vigorous), a white bush, a stand alone upright for beside a window in the front garden( two foot square area) and a mid bed bush. All subject to change.😆 Any that don't fit can always be found a tub/pot. 😁
  • @purplerallim ah based on your location I know the show, its my town :smiley: its the first year i havent been in years as I was worried about crowds. Hopefully next year!

    Nice list! Ive ordered munstead wood myself this year, its sprawling apparently so Ive earmarked a big front garden spot for it to flop! Ive got highgrove as a dark red climber, im very pleased so far with it, neat flowers and seems easily pleased.
  • Have a DA Ancient Mariner that I planted last September. I need to move it when is the best time to do this?
  • We went in the morning @JessicaS and the car park was barely half full. When we left the car park was full, but inside the all about dogs was busy not the garden section. 
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