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Butternut Squash is it ok to eat

Hi there.    I have 3 Butternut squash plants grown from bought seed.  Two are doing fine and have a number of fruit.   The third has one huge squash, 3 times bigger than I have ever seen, it is the right shape but the skin is green strips.    Anyone know if it alright to eat.   I have sent a note to the seed company but no reply yet.   


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,863
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    It sounds as if it's parent plant was cross-pollinated by pollen from a courgette/marrow. or another type of culinary squash. 
    What I would do is, when you cut into it just touch it with your tongue ... if it tastes very bitter and unpleasant I would discard it ... however the likelihood is that it will be perfectly fine.  It may not store as well as a 'pure-bred' butternut squash, so I'd use that one first.   :)

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  • Thanks for the tip Dovefromabove.    I will bear that in mind when I pick it.   You never know it might turn yellow at the last minute.
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