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Rheum Palmatum: Shade vs Sun


I have a Rheum Palmatum (Chinese Rhubarb) which had previously done very well in a relatively sunny spot in my garden. I’ve now had to move it due to a bit of a reshuffle, and the only place available is a fairly shady spot in my garden. I cut it back completely before replanting it and wasn’t expecting a great deal in return, for hacking it and moving it from it’s favoured spot, but to my surprise it seems to be doing ok (albeit growing a bit slower to grow). 

My question is- will it last? Does anyone else have experience of growing Rheum in a shaded spot? Or is this to be a last hurrah before some foul disease or pest destroys it in it’s weakened state, owed to stress from lack of sunlight?

All thoughts good, bad or indifferent would be appreciated, in case I need to prepare for the demise of my beloved specimen. 


  • I haven't grown it, but I grow ordinary Rhubarb in a shady spot and it is perfectly happy. I see no reason why this one should be different :)
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