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Over wintering fuchsia

Can I keep the fuchsias from my hanging baskets over the winter?  They are probably not the hardy variety, so how do I look after them to use next year in a containers, or is that end of them when the summer display is over?


  • I remove them from the baskets, usually October,pot them into individual pots,old compost. They go into a green house,till next spring. Obviously I don't know if you have a green house,garden shed,cool porch? I try to overwinter as many plants as possible.
  • Thanks.  I have plenty of pots and old compost.  I don't have a greenhouse, but I do have sheds and I have bought a couple of mini type greenhouse cloches to put other perennials in pots in over the winter so they don't get affected by too much wet. I'll give it a whirl! They will be in a sheltered spot next to a fence and the side of the shed, so hopefully won't freeze!
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