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Ideas needed for a shady exotic style boarder

I'm at the planting stage of my garden project and need some guidance on plant suggestions and layout for a NE facing boarder.

I'd like a boarder that will eventually screen off next door's shed whilst providing year round foliage. Managed to source ideas for back of the boarder but struggling for middle boarder plants that are leafy, evergreen and happy in a shade. 

I really like Hosta and Rogersia but only just realised that they die back in winter. Any alternatives you could suggest ? 

As you can see in the photo, there is a lot of planting space that needs filling. 
The markings in black are the spots I earmarked for particular plants I'm yet to acquire.



  • I'd be careful about over planting - some of those you list will grow quite large and soon fill your space.
    IME, E mellifera would prefer sun and well drained soil rather than your NE aspect.
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    Ok, I might move the E mellifera into a pot elsewhere. Thanks.
    I've read the castor oil is an annual in UK climate so looking to use it as a temporary filler till the Fatsia plants reach maximum height. 
  • Castor Oil is often used as a common name for Fatsia japonica which you have planted.  The Fatsia Spiders Web is, I think, a variegated form of the same shrub.
    Castor oil is also used for Ricinus which tends not to be that hardy in the UK - usually grown as a large annual with red flowers - again preferring the sun.
    Others may have more info or advice so see what comes up before deciding :)  

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    Your right, I was looking to grow the castor oil (Ricinus) annually as a temporary filler. Going by web posts/photos , the growth rate within a year is impressive and enough to tower my fence line. I'm also conscious that it is poisonous so looking to only have it till the Fatsia Japonica plants reach the fence line. 
  • Sounds like you are sorted then  ;)
    Don't forget to post some pics next year as the border fills out.  It's always nice to see the results of  design choices and how things establish :)
  • NekkyNekky Posts: 40
    I wish I was sorted.
    I'm really after suggestions for mid size boarder plants that I can place in front of the Fatsias. I have 2 metre+  plants and 30-45cm plants. Looking for 70-100cm plants to create a bit of a layered boarder.

    I was dead set on Hostas till I discovered they are not evergreen (Gardening newbie here). I'd be left with gaps in a very small garden in the colder half of the year.
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    As I'm going for a somewhat jungle effect, I don't mind abit of dense planting.
  • Fatsia is the "false caster oil plant" Hostas won't get tall enough to screen out next doors shed
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    "shady exotic style boarder" made me think of some sultry latino type chap living in the spare room"
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    Those borders are not nearly wide enough for 3 layers of planting, you will be lucky to squeeze in 2.
    How can you lie there and think of England
    When you don't even know who's in the team

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