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Horse Chestnut

My 100yr old horse chestnut tree has mushrooms growing out of the base and a root.  Otherwise it seems ok.  Do I need to have it seen to? 


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,764
    It might be Blackening Polypore aka Giant Polypore, Meripilus giganteus. If you cut a piece off the cut surface may blacken within 30 minutes. It isn't poisonous, in fact it is edible when young but as it grows at "dog-leg" height I wouldn't recommend it. It is parasitic on the roots of hardwoods and the fruiting bodies appear at this time of year. Given the size of the tree I would suggest you have it inspected by an arboriculturist to get an accurate ID and to assess any degree of rot which may have occurred. 
  • Many many thanks.  I will engage an arboriculturist straight away.
  • Arboriculturist absolutely!
    I had grown two magnificent trees I grew from conkers and have just had to cut them down, i am heartbroken. Mine had the same Giant Polypore, but they had also started to bleed. 
    Moths, blight and canker are a very serious problem for these magnificent trees, so a full check up by a specialist is needed. 
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