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Standard photinias

I have 2 standard photinias situated 8 ft apart., both purchased around 1998.  One is still doing well but the other is struggling with yellowish leaves, very little new leaves being produced, and the trunk has turned black  I have tried feeding it, dowsing it in Sequestrine and spraying in with anti fungicidal spray.  The other one is as healthy and growing as it always has.  Any suggestions before I admit defeat and remove it?


  • Just stop misusing fungicides with such abandon. It sounds like the plant reached the natural end of its life. Twenty three years is a long time for one of those specimens. It's also usually a bad idea to feed a plant that is visibly struggling. Feel free to add some photos or otherwise we are advising you sight unseen which would be foolish. 
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    I'd remove it, but as already said, when you don't know what's wrong, there's no point in spraying plants with chemicals. You can do more harm than good.
    A photo would help @florence.sheldon22vD-UET3z  , but sometimes, a plant is just finished, and sometimes one can fail even when another nearby is fine. Just being slightly more exposed to extremes of weather can do that, and it isn't always obvious.
    These tend to be iffy re their conditions anyway.  :)
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