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Does anyone know why my onion plants have not grown me much onion? They seemed to seed quite early and have only grown a very small bulb not an onion? 


  • What variety? 
    I grew 'Bedforshire Champion' and they weren't great either. 
    I multi sowed them so they may have been a little over-crowded?
    Lack of phosphorus is sometimes the reason  - rarely though.
    The spring weather may have played it's part too. 
    Whatever you have will still be ok. Button onions can be quite tasty. 
    Have another try with a different variety or try sets instead of seed.
  • LewisiumLewisium Posts: 122
    What giant white onion variety can I grow now and still be ready for Xmas? Is there any? 
  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,721
    There's no onions you can grow now, they are day length sensitive so you'll have to wait until next year. My onions are normally ok medium sized, but this year they were terrible I've got a wheelbarrow full of pickling onions to deal with instead of eating ones!

  • ColinAColinA Posts: 386
    During the hot weather i watered my onions daily and have got a good crop but lost thirty to root rot, the variety is Sturon
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