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Willow pea sticks.

It'll be September on Wednesday, but next April it won't be unusual for discussions to begin on the best type of pea sticks.  Hazel, possibly birch or chestnut, will be named as first choices but, for many, the only option will be willow - that will be immediately discounted because of its tendency to spring into life once put in the soil, thus creating a willow hedge in competition with the pea crop.

However, all will not be lost if, as soon as the leaves have fallen in a week or two's time, a set of sticks is cut and prepared in readiness for use.  Tied up in bundles and left on the veg plot for the winter, ideally with a heavy frost or two, they'll have died off sufficiently by next spring to support a row of peas without any adverse side issues.


  • We have many willows that are pollarded back every 3 years. These are used for a variety of uses. Once used for sweet pea supports and though they had been cut the previous year....yes they sprouted. But just kept grubbing out the new growths and all was ok.

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