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Flower seeds to sow now in Polytunnel (Ireland)

Just looking for advice
I'd love to start off some seeds in trays in my tunnel,  to fill my borders next Summer. I've been looking at various seed sites online. None mention growing seeds in tunnels. Guidelines are for growing seeds outdoors 
Are any of you sowing seeds at this time?


  • CharlotteFCharlotteF Posts: 337
    Yes, I'm sowing lots of hardy annuals at the moment to overwinter for next year. A polytunnel would be useful for most of them to protect them from winter cold and wet!
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,134
    I rarely bother. Easier here to wait until spring. Even with a small greenhouse, it's too cold for most to do anything, if they even germinate, and spring sown seedlings catch up. 
    It will largely depend on what you're sowing though.  :)
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  • EmerionEmerion Posts: 459
    I have found that things do very well in the ground in the polytunnel overwinter, but not things left in seed trays and modules. I think the damp, low light conditions, plus being confined, and possibly over or under watered, is too much for them. But maybe you’re  much better at that than me 🙂. I think I would try a few now as an experiment, and hopefully come back next spring and tell us we were all talking rubbish 😁. But maybe sow most of them nice and early next spring. I leave my polytunnel doors open all year, except in really bad storms, as it reduces damp problems. Since I’ve started doing that, everything has done much better, including seedlings. 
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