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Greenhouse Base

I’m new to this idea of social media so please forgive me if I’ve got it wrong.

I’ve ordered a 5ft x 6ft greenhouse from a supplier, not coming until February 2022! [I know] 

I saw this while researching information on greenhouse base.

My question, if this Heavy Duty ECO Kit Membrane is strong enough for cars to go on it and also for a shed base, it must be strong enough for a greenhouse base.

This seems a much easier way to do it.

What you think? Any thoughts?



Link to Amazon website for plastic shed base


  • Strong enough I am sure but not convinced it would be all that suitable. Is your thought to cover the whole area or just under the walls?  I would think you would need to have the greenhouse base sat in the middle of the panels to spread the weight. Many folks use slabs or as I did make a block wall. Latter has the advantage of giving you more height. Just another thought is your area flat currently? 
  • Hi, 
         Thanks for replying Forester_Pete.

    The greenhouse is a ‘Castle Balvenie’ 5’3” x 6’32” from the 'Greenhouse People'  is to sit in the centre with 150mm - 200mm showing on the outside of the frame, the whole area filled in with Pea Gravel, some ground rods to pin it down.

     I still have to level the ground which runs downhill.
    But as the greenhouse isn't coming till February, I have time to do it.

    It just seems an easy way to do it, no water pooling, no heavy slaps to put in place, no cement and sharp sand to buy and mix, no trench to dig, What am I missing.

    I’m new to doing things like this so need all the advice I can get.

  • It should work to support the structure with the overlap you mention but the ground anchors would certainly be needed. The gravel inside would provide drainage which is good but will gently fill up with soil over time with the usual spillages. Just a chance of some suckers coming up through it too if you have any nearby. You could always lay some slabs in the future too.

    Good luck and you should be up and running for next season.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,716
    We bought our last greenhouse from had a metal base,hubby laid it direct onto shingle.Our other 2 are on paving slabs. My neighbor has those grids to park his car on,they have sunk into the soil,you get masses of weeds coming up.  He has a little electric car. We do get the odd weed coming up in 2 of the green houses. We now need a extension to the last one,there is never enough room,over winter
  • Thanks Nanny,
                          There's a lot to consider when starting something new....
    I'm still on a leaning course, looking for advice.
  • Again, Thanks Forester_Pete for your input, the ground is compacted heavy clay, previously it was covered with decorative stones with a decking area for 5 years, nothing ever grow there.

    I have time to decide....

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