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Drive way garden

I’ve just recently had to move to a flat with no garden just a drive way.
I’m using the drive way as a place to have what I now call my drive way garden .
It’s a rental and had to move within a time frame , I do miss my garden so much but brought all my containers with me .
I miss the privacy of the garden and have applied for an allotment but waiting list so long !
Does anyone else have the same circumstances of garden or rather lack of it and any suggestions welcome especially with oncoming season changes .
There is a real mixture of sun and shade but tends to get sun in morning and at front of drive way in afternoon .The  walls and parked cars tend to shut off sun especially against a neighbours garden wall.


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,669
    What a shame you were forced to move. Obviously I don't know where you are or how busy it is. Is the drive shared with other flats. Both my sons (,reg disabled) live in flats one ground floor,one 2nd floor,and I don't think anyone should be without the tiniest outside space,even a balcony. One is in the middle of a town,neither have even a communal garden. Some of the bungalows near us have a seat in their front gardens as well as pots. Is your flat near the drive? Is a picture possible?
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,669
    Talking of allotments,in some areas (I know Brighton was one) folk,getting older or lack of time,not wanting to move,were allowing others to use their garden.Might be worth putting out feelers, maybe Facebook, residents association
  • I absolutely agree with you everyone should be able to have an outside space to nurture a garden or just have space to relax outside.
    I hope your sons are able to get some garden space at some point soon.
    It’s not on the main road so that’s a bonus , many cars parked up .
    flat is above garages and steps out on to drive at front door.
    I know it was linked to landlord wanting previous property back .
    trying to save for a mortgage , so ridiculous when can afford rent but won’t offer mortgages without exorbitant deposits .
    will send pics later today or tomorrow.
  • Thankyou for suggestions about allotments .
    im in West Yorkshire .
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