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Seed potatoes already sprouting and soft

I recently bought some seed potatoes hoping to have a Christmas harvest. While waiting for my planting bags to arrive, the potato seeds have sprouted but are also very soft and squishy. Are they still OK to plant, or have they gone too far? Thank you! 


  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,817
    If they are a bit soft then that's normal but if they are "squishy" that sounds as if they have gone too far.
  • Agree with @barry island - depends how/where you stored them whilst waiting and what you mean by "recently" - days or weeks ?
  • Thank you @barry island  and @philippasmith2 it is probably 3-4 weeks due to the planting bags I ordered being posted out late. I attach pics. Checking again they are probably just soft and not squishy. Is it worth cutting off some of the bigger shoots or trying planting them as they are? I don't want to waste the compost though if they are unlikely to produce? Thank you. 
  • I'd plant them if I were you.  You could rub off some of the shoots on those in the top pic but I wouldn't bother.
    At least next year you will already have your potato sacks and the same problem shouldn't occur.
    Fingers crossed for a Happy Xmas dinner  :)  
  • Thank you I'll go for it and keep fingers crossed, I definitely won't keep them in a dark cupboard again!! Thanks for your help :-) 
  • I had a similar wait to deal with this summer, so I just started the spuds in small pots with some compost, and will get them in containers in a few weeks...
  • Hope that works out for you @stephentame
  • Hope that works out for you @stephentame

    ...and yours for you also
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