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Apple tree advice please - no fruit, cracks in trunk, shedding leaves all summer

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Hi all - newbie gardener after some guidance please 😃

We inherited an old apple tree which hasn't fruited, has been shedding leaves all summer. The previous owner said it has fruited well in the past albeit not every year. It had a significant prune approx 2 years ago I believe which has resulted in a lot of vertical growth this year up top. There are also some cracks in the bark in places. 

We plan to cut any inward growing, rubbing or damaged branches this winter and reduce the height of the vertical shoots at the top to try and get more airflow through the tree. Does that sound right? Is there anything else we should do to try and get it fruiting again or is it past its best?My little boy was really looking to apple picking in his garden so 🤞.

Thanks 🍎 🌳 

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