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II’ve planted these beautiful flowers , left the garden for 3 months and came back to these giant beauties .. has no idea they would grow this much. How do I need to care for them for best flowering results? Should I be cutting some of them? I also have quite a few bulbs that are not yet fully open but are already dry in the middle, why is that and should I cut those off?


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    There’s a glitch on the forum so I’ve turned your pictures the right way up and numbered them so they’re  easier to discuss. 😊 

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  • Hi - I think they are dahlias?

    So, here's my (inexpert!) advice:
    • Yes, you need to deadhead them (cutting off the dead flowers before they produce seeds) as this encourages more flowers. You can even cut the newly opened flowers for vases indoors!
    • They need a lot of water and feed, so give them some diluted liquid feed every week or so
    • I don't know what is causing the buds to dry out - it could actually be seed pods forming after the flower has died - it can be confusing to tell the difference on dahlias.

    Hope this helps. Others may have some other advice.
  • Thanks so much! Any liquid plant feed would do?
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    Tomato food is best for flowering plants  :)
    Any buds that haven't opened have probably not had enough moisture. I wouldn't worry too much  - just take those off to save the plant wasting energy on them.
    As said though - take some close ups of the ones you're concerned about in case they are seed heads. That's quite likely given the circumstances. In either case, removing them is the best solution, but it would help to see in case some are unopened buds and they can be rescued. 

    Dahlias do need rich soil and plenty of water, so if they've been left for such a long time, they've done well  :)  
    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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    Dahlias that have gone over have a pointed seed head and should be removed. Buds are round in shape and should be left.
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