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Year Round Plants in Small Container

Hello everyone!

We have recently put circular window boxes on our balcony but they are very small, about 15cm across. Does anybody have any recommendations for plants that will grow in these pots, that will also survive all year round? I am a novice gardener and am just after some colourful blooms. Please let me know your thoughts!


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,070
    Not much really. You'd have to go for succulents - sempervivums or similar. You could have crocus and other small bulbs  for late winter/early spring.
    6 inches isn't really big enough for very much that will flower well, especially on a balcony where it tends to be windy, and if it's sunny as well, those pots will dry out very quickly, so you'd need to replace those with some annuals next year that will cope with being in tiny pots. Something like Erigerons or some of the little daisies - Brachyscome, might be ok. Other than that, things like Thyme will probably survive, and some of the little alpines like Arabis.
    If it's sunny, you could have Pelargoniums, which need overwintering as they aren't hardy. You'll get those in spring    :)
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  • Smaller varieties of Dianthus or Helianthemum should be happy in that size of container. Both are hardy and evergreen, and flower for several months.
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