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Protecting a pond from too many leaves

Our rural garden is surrounded by trees and, in autumn, the small pond ends up almost chock-a-block with leaves. Cleaning it out then upsets the local wildlife so, for some years, we have used netting, on a wooden frame, to keep out at least some of the debris.
Last year, however, we were horrified to find a small, dead greenfinch tangled up in the mesh. First time it had happened, but won't be risking that again. Interlocking discs seen online get very mixed reviews. Any other suggestions, please?


  • AuntyRachAuntyRach Posts: 4,575
    Do you have any fish or is it just a wildlife pond? I ask because if not, you could cover your frame with a plastic sheet, leaving a small gap for frogs etc to enter/exit. 
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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,198
    If it's what I think you mean - the interlocking discs are for keeping heron out.  :)
    If you use chicken wire, that will bet better - most small birds can get through that. There are slightly larger meshes available too, which would keep the larger leaves out. 
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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,549
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    Can you make a wooden
    frame to cover the pond and fix chicken wire netting onto it … that way frogs and newts could ease their way underneath the frame. 

    Or if the pond is smallish the plastic clematis netting is rigid enough to self support over a pond and birds can’t get tangled in it. 

    If you also had a birdbath the birds could use that in the autumn when the pond is covered. 

    That’s what we do. 
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  • Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, everyone! We do have several birdbaths around the garden, also used by fieldmice and the occasional rat (very occasional, thankfully!) so it was very unfortunate that the daft wee greenfinch had to try to use the pond instead. All those ideas are good, may try the frame with clear, heavy-duty polythene in the first instance, leaving plenty of access/exit points, of course - then can replace the polythene with chicken wire if necessary!

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