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What should I plant?

Hi everyone,
Ive just finished, well just a few shovel fulls of soil left, rebuiling a flower bed. The old one was too big and awkward. 

Im in two minds what to plant, it has to be low maintenance as i don't sit in the front garden much. But i would like colour as i look at it while im working from home.

Do i go for a coastal theme planting? Or do i just plant colourful low maintenance plants - sort of cottage garden style?

Im going to fill in the rest if the area with limestone chips if that helps. Also it is in the sun from midday onwards, however it is very windy in the winter (im about 1/2 mile from the shore line).

The ground is free draining and although i don't mind watering on the hottest days, they will need to be able to fend fir themselves.

The rubble will be used to hide the compost bin later on. 


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