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Sylvagrow John Innes No. 3 peat free



  • YnneadYnnead Posts: 250
    @Desi_in_London where did you see it for £16. Sorry couldnt find it when I searched.
  • @Ynnead - i searched melcourt sylvagrow John Innes on amazon and on googlesearch. A company called suregreen ( no idea who they are ) had them on their own website yesterday (50l bag) for 7.99 (collect from essex) with 9.99 delivery charge for delivery ( i stuck in a random london postcode given your location states london- Amazon had same seller offering "free delivery" but priced at 16.something. Note it does not say John innes no 3 , but when i looked on the melcourt website itself, there was only one peat free sylvagrow with john innes listed on the products so I can only assume is the same thing.

    I would like to make clear I have no idea how reputable or otherwise suregreen / sure-green are as a seller , I have never dealt with them and am in no way connected. Just trying to help @Ynnead, not intended as an advert of any kind.
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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,836
    Most companies who use a regular carrier have a fixed upper limit price agreed @JennyJ, so it doesn't always mean extra expense. Overall, they come out on top, due to all the other gains from their overpricing of many items  ;)
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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384
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    Always worth ringing any local garden centres as some will deliver locally for free or for a reasonable charge.  The last lot I had from near here were twelve 50l bags which cost £5 for delivery (total, not each.)  The bags cost a little more each than some online suppliers, but that was easily covered by the low cost of delivery.
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  • YnneadYnnead Posts: 250
    @Desi_in_London thanks. its not the john innes 3 though but no problem.
  • @Ynnead - agreed , but as per my message above as melcourt ( which makes sylvagrow) only has one john innes peat free product so I would expect this is a labelling difference rather than a product difference.
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  • Apologies - that is my fault - melcourt website was not loading correctly - you are entirely correct that is not the same product.
    Kindness is always the right choice.
  • My recent search showed all the  different 50 litre Sylvagrow varieties for about £8 or £9 each with a few outrageous outliers like Crocus. My personal feeling is that if I want sand and topsoil in my Sylvagrow, it's cheaper to buy them separately and mix it in. The Sylvagrow organic is my favourite, though the multipurpose is nearly as good.
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