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Passiflora Alata

Hi All, I have grown passiflora alata which is edible from seeds. I am attaching the pictures. I need the guidance around looking after them in winter in UK, and will I get flowers & fruit eventually? 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,408
    edited August 2021
    Bumping this up in the hope that someone can advise. I think you would probably need to grow them under glass in the Winter but it depends on where you are in the UK. According to some information, they are tougher than they appear. 
    A little information on the RHS site,but not much.
  • I've grown P edulis  - from seed germination to a decent 1st crop of fruit in approx 18 months with another few weeks for the fruit to ripen.
    That was in a half timbered GH in SW UK.
    Sad to say, I tried the same thing in a new garden ( same area ) and overwintered in a full glazed aluminium GH.  The plant itself took a long time to establish and I doubt I shall see any flowers or fruit until next year at the earliest.  The wretched weather hasn't exactly helped either. 
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