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Pole saw for taking a conifer down?

We've got a tall conifer that's made up of loads of vertical growing branches to make a tall,  thin,  cone shape.  Most are wrist or a lot smaller than that until you get down low enough to cut from the ground. I'm nearly 2m tall so I'm thinking a pole saw with the little chainsaw end the bow saw lower down.  Its probably twice my height but dead apart from a little bit of life near the top at the edges.

It was one of the jobs we've tried to get a tree surgeon in because there's a lot growing nearby.  Mostly we've realised we're not bothered if we damage what's near as we're not sure we like them. We can't straight chop it down but cutting down bit at a time sounds OK. 

Would a pole saw cope? What other way is possible? 

Low down it has a bigger trunk but we can sort that out later. 

Recommendations and suggestions welcomed. 


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,035
    Pole saw should do the job.  I have Wolf pruning saw and an extending pole.  The saw is incredibly sharp.
  • I have a Wolfe pruning saw with extension pole - it's coped with my VERY tall conifer with trunks around double a wrist in width. Safer than a chainsaw and very sharp.
  • I was looking at the powered, mini chainsaw type. I've got a hand pruning saw but the number of branches here would take some time to sort out. Anyone know what sized branches the 8 inch chainsaw on these powered pole saws could cope with?
  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,364
    Advisable to leave 6-8 foot of main stem if you intend to remove the roots as well.  Gives you something to apply leverage once you've loosened the roots.  So many people cut off at ground level, then have a problem with the stump.
  • Oh boy! I know that! A small conifer cut to about 2 feet of stump because its a small trunk only to find a metre wide lump of wood below the soil surface! It took 6 weeks and caused injury to two people before we got it out. It weighed so much it needed the load carrying capability of a pickup to take it away half at a time! 

    I think we might leave it in there if it's like that one. 
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