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Gherkin help

I’ve grown a gherkin plant that’s doing very well. It’s currently got around 12 tiny/small gherkins growing and I’ve been removing the male flowers. My question is, should I be topping any tendrils off to reduce the amount of fruit to concentrate on growing those well or will the plant drop any surplus fruit itself?


  • It depends on how big the plant is.
    12 fruits aren't a lot so you may want to allow the growth so that more will come.

    The gerkins are usually picked when they are smaller than 3 inches.

    We have grown cucamelons for the first time and yes I have cut off some of the tendrils as they were starting to take over but the harvest has been fantastic and they are still flowering and fruiting.
    Have eaten them raw, pickled them and even sauteed them in oil. Lovely.
  • I grow 1 gherkin plant every 2 years on top of the compost heap. I do not remove any shoots, tendrils etc. Just leave it alone.
    I pick the gherkins on a daily basis, wash and dry them, put them under salt for 24 hours before rinsing and drying them and putting them in a jar under spiced vinegar, lots of fennel leaves. I do not use fresh salt each day, it draws the liquid from the gherkins and becomes brine.
    The crop  I have from 1 plant lasts me 2 years which is why I only grow them on alternated years. I cut the gherkins when they are about 2/3 inches long. Much bigger and they are inclined to go pulpy when pickled.
    Yummy with salads and burgers.
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