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Great Big Green Week

Great Big Green week  18 to 26th Sept.

Our Gardening club are having a stall at this event in our village. Looking for ideas for items that can be recycled to use in the garden/greenhouse.


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,233
    I recycled an IKEA metal shoe rack,into the green house as staging for my seedlings.metal sink drainer with chains I already had is now a hanging basket,is that what you mean,you wanted ideas?
  • historymanhistoryman Posts: 125
    Thanks Nanny Beach - any ideas welcome
    I recycle yogurt pots, mashed potatoe pots,lids from any container (as saucers in greenhouse). plant labels from milk containers.
  • B3B3 South East LondonPosts: 23,602
    Plastic crates with lids as propagators or cold frames. Large chunks of broken terracotta containers are good for growing sedums and the like. Broom or mop handles for staking plants. Dustbin for growing potatoes or large shrubs. Buckets for collecting light hand weeding or carrying tools about. Plastic picnic plates and saucers to put under pots.
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,233
    Oh our old single glazed window became a cold frame with a couple of scaffolding boards. I've got a wooden gate and stained glass window hubby cut hole and put in,I scour skip I do ask.ny oldest son has protein powder,I use the black tubs for tomatoes, courgettes, carrots as well this year,and to start my dahlias off. Those little terracotta saucers you cook brie in,are plant saucers.plastic milk bottles,are by the sink,filled up with water waiting for it to come out hot. (I know Dove uses hers for watering) they can be cloches. Pallets, endless possibilities. Old logs, waiting for hubby to attach together,so I can plant ferns.someone in the next road to us,has a bicycle in the front garden,planted up, someone else has the wheels as decoration. Laid flat they make a cool herb wheel.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,233
    Our old broken rotary airer became a runner beans wigwam
  • BigladBiglad East LancashirePosts: 2,694
    This will be a common one, but plastic drinks bottles (with or without conventional lids ;) ) make good mini greenhouses.

  • historymanhistoryman Posts: 125
    Thank you all for your ideas - hopefully we can make up some of these for stall
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,230
    Clear plastic pots for mini propagators for either round or square pots. Mushroom trays to hold loo rolls for beans & peas. A certain brand of coffee has square lids for square pot saucers. I use empty brown pill bottles (cat's hyper thyroid pills!) as cane toppers.
    For more advanced recyclers, plastic crates and even polystyrene ones, like fish boxes, can be covered in hyper tufa and made to look like expensive stone!
    I did this with an old ammo crate from Catterick, when we lived in Richmond. It has lasted over 25 years but now needs re-doing.
    My cold frame is an old window and breeze blocks, the old dolly tub has a large plant pot sitting inside and my daughters toy wheelbarrow and baby wellies are in the veg garden to tuck some nasturtiums in. She is almost 30!
  • historymanhistoryman Posts: 125
    Thank you Buttercupdays  lots of really good ideas.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,233
    You see we are a really frugal green lot on here!!
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