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Ivy and Brambles

Can anyone help with how to get rid of mostly ivy but also brambles and blackberries please?? My neighbour is NOT a gardener and the above plants have totally ravaged my 9 fence panels. They have grown through, over and everywhere in between. Its now at the point where I need a new fence as it looks so awful but don't want to replace it and let it all happen again. Thanks in advance. 


  • Other than persistent digging out and specific and careful use of a weedkiller along with educating your neighbour, there isn't really a foolproof method.
    I suffer from the bramble problem even after 2 years of renovating a totally neglected garden.  All my problem tho so I don't have any neighbours to worry about ;)
    No magic solution I'm afraid.

  • TheGreenManTheGreenMan Posts: 1,957
    I’m in a similar situation but with also bindweed and snowberry on top of the ivy and brambles and from both sides. 

    One neighbour is happy for me to “do her garden” for her so I can attack them from her side. 

    The bits I can’t get to from outside of my garden I am using weed killer gel on and wrapping them in freezer bags and securing with twine. 

    Also snipping if I can get the loppers to them. 

    Ivy leaves generally need scarring before you apply weed killer. Brambles may need stump killer depending on how far on they are. 

    Once you’ve cleared them all from your fence it would just be a case of monitoring a few times per week etc and getting them when they’re smaller/before they get comfortable. 
  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    Are the roots on your neighbour's side? If they are, are you good enough friends to be allowed to go over and dig some out yourself? I know that would be a pain, but you won't beat brambles unless you take radical action.
  • It’s like most things with successful gardening- little and often. We have the same problem but it’s easy to keep in check with pruning every couple of weeks. Secret is to always have a pair of secateurs on your person when our and about- so you’re  ready for that judicious snip!
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