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Mature Chilli not behaving

stupid thing just won't pollinate. I've repotted, rubbed my finger over the flowers, left it outside in hopes of a passing bee, always keep it in an airy place, fed it chilli food and nothing. Any advice appreciated! 


  • Hard to tell from the pic but it looks as if you have several flowers on there.  Be patient and wait for the fruit to form.  Best not to keep fiddling about with it - the weather hasn't been particularly conducive to the likes of Peppers and Chillies this year.
    You don't say where the plant usually lives but just bear in mind that they like warmth and sunlight.
    My Chillies are in an un heated GH - plenty of fruit but only one or two ripening at the moment.

  • I've had flowers since the beginning of July and nothing. It doesn't get a lot of sun admittedly but I've never had a problem fruiting other plants and it lives inside on my floor level windowsill. Its just this one is refusing to play! :(
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