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Phlox - can I take root cuttings now?

CamelliadCamelliad Posts: 402
I have a Monica Lynden-Bell. I've been struggling to find it this year - is there a shortage? 

I have a gap that I want to fill with them and so I'll need about 6. I know that I should wait until spring but I'm impatient. If I take root cuttings now am I on a hiding to nothing?


  • WilderbeastWilderbeast Posts: 1,415
    I take stem cuttings of flox at this time of year and they've all worked in the past 4 years. I also divide the large clumps which bulk up very quickly
  • CamelliadCamelliad Posts: 402
    Super, thanks @Wilderbeast I'll try a couple of both and see how I get on.
  • RoddersUKRoddersUK Posts: 536
    I accidentally snapped a bit of my phlox off, with root, earlier in the year. I chucked it in the ground and it's flowering very well now. Seems they take quite easy.
  • CamelliadCamelliad Posts: 402
    Oh that's good news @RoddersUK - my success rate with cuttings is limited so it's always good to know! I wonder why they're in such short supply this year!
  • RoddersUKRoddersUK Posts: 536
    I guess everyone's gone garden crazy this year.

    I'm probably 50 to 70% successful with cuttings, I end up giving most away as I have no room, just like trying things out.

    I have a huge clump of phlox, so can split that later this year, I'll have phlox all over the place, lol.
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