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What’s eating my lavatera - and green bean plant - help!!!!

Hi - my lavatera has been stripped by something - and now I’ve noticed the same look on my green beans. I can’t see any bugs or caterpillars or anything that could be responsible. Any ideas? A pic of each attached (hopefully!)


  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,302
    I would suspect slugs or snails on the lavatera.  You might find the culprits if you go out after dark to have a look. 
    However, I think what's happening on your runner beans is that you've had a spike of flowers which haven't been pollinated, or haven't set "fruit" (ie beans) properly.  The spent flowers have fallen, leaving that spike.  Sometimes this is weather related - if the weather is dry you can spray the flowers with water in the evening to encourage the set; if it's too wet or windy, there may be a lack of pollinating insects...
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  • shsshs Posts: 21
    Thanks very much Liriodendron!  I checked the lavateras (for there are two similarly afflicted) with a torch last night and no action taking place although did see slime this morning and nearby overgrown roxan geranium could be providing shelter. V helpful advice too regarding the beans. Many thanks for your time and expertise. 
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