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Fly problem

Has anyone tried the electrical UV fly killers?
I am not a very good gardener so am delighted this year to have masses of flowers, so want to keep my patio doors open so that I can see and smell the flowers properly
Problem is loads of flies in the house and I hate them
I have got the sticky flower things stuck in the corners of all windows
I have cut mint and lavender in jars and also eucalyptus oil spread around but still have flies
Big problem is the chickens next door
I want to buy one of those zapper things but there are so many on the market with differing reviews that I am confused
Would love to hear if anyone has tried a particular brand and had success with it


  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,249
    Have you tried one of those door things that hang when you have the doors open ,not very beautiful but if the flies are coming through the door and not anywhere else,they work. Not keen on the zappers ,we had one at our Tearooms and the smell of burning fly was horrid plus it’s not only flies that they catch ,butterflies, bees ,wasps ,moths ,you see where I’m going with this. 
  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,963
    You can purchase a magnetic patio screen curtain, to attach to your frame.  I think prevention is your best bet. 
    Utah, USA.
  • The fly zappers are mostly used indoors at food outlets - both they and the yellow sticky panels tend to also catch the beneficial insects sp best avoided.
    You should be able to buy Mosquito Netting curtains as per bcpathome which work well.
    Unfortunately, flies are a regular visitor in gardens ( and houses ) at this time of year with or without Chickens ;)
  • susananwmssusananwms Posts: 213
    Thank you all for your replies
    Have seen those magnetic screens, my friend has one and I am not keen on them, think I would prefer to keep my doors closed
    Some of the zapper things I have looked (ones with proper reviews and questions and answers) have small openings so anything bigger than a fly cannot get in (supposedly)
    My window stickers which I change frequently only ever have ordinary or fruit flies on them
    The bluebottles that I really dislike, I have to remove their bodies from my windowsills daily where they have got in to the house and unable to find their way out again
    I just thought I could have something that would rid me of them before they could fly around the house
    I am not the best person for a garden.  I am absolutely terrified of spiders, I would rather face a lion and I really hate flies
    I am not 100% turned off the zappers yet but will do something else I have read about first, putting raw meat and water in bottom of a lemonade bottle with the top cut off and reversed so they get in but cannot get out
    It is no different to them getting in the house and dying in the window because they cannot get out.  At least this way they die eating
    Sorry for sounding mean to anyone who likes flies but to me they are horrendous creatures
  • We have insectivorous plants in our garden room but even they couldn't curtail the number of flies etc that came in when we had the doors open.
    We had fly papers up but so ugly and ...well you know what I mean.
    So yes we went to getting some fly screen curtains.
    All very good for so long but the "sticky" parts soon came away and have to do more remedial work to make them last longer.
    Still better than fly papers!
  • susananwmssusananwms Posts: 213
    Thank you all for your ideas, 
    I am going to set up the traps outdoors today (some chicken I have, to put in bottom of lemonade bottles) and see how they do and think I am going to get one of those zapper rackets you mention Leakyboots. 
    At least I can try and zap any annoying ones that fly near me.  If not successful I might try some kind of curtain but am not keen on that at the moment, may have to return to idea of electric UV zapper
    I will see how I get on in the next week and then think about it again.
    Am grateful for all suggestions put forward
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,415
    I find the old fashioned plastic swatter works for me. I got four or five for a pound  - in a pound shop. Best to wait until they land, then splat.
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • TopbirdTopbird Posts: 8,183
    We (along with everyone else on our lane) have a dreadful problem with cluster flies in the loft. They come in in the autumn and leave in the spring. Hundreds of dead bodies in the loft and a shower of flies every time you open the loft hatch. As flies go, cluster flies are clean - but it's still not nice.

    Our neighbour uses insecticide smoke 'bombs' in his house. I don't fancy that idea at all plus we also have bats roosting most years so it would be illegal for us to use insecticides. We installed a Titan fly zapper. It doesn't bother the bats and does a good job with the flies. Also catches a few wasps but no other desirable insects.

    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
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