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Hi everyone, Can anyone suggest what vegetables (seed or plants) that can be sown now in August and harvested around November/December -(I would prefer broccoli/cauliflower) because I help to look after parents in law, I don't have as much time to attend to my garden so any suggestions on easy growing & hardy vegetables would be appreciated. Thank you. Marie J.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,857
    You may find plugs of broccoli, sprouts, some cabbages on sale in GCs which would give you a chance of cropping in November/December but don't forget to protect them against butterflies and other pests with some decent netting which would also help keep them a tad warmer on cold nights .   

    You could sow spring greens and some of the purple sprouting broccoli but not get a crop till spring.  Pak choi and other oriental cabbages would give a quicker crop.   You could also try some turnips as they may grow faster than a cabbage.

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  • nick615nick615 Posts: 1,501
    For the cost of a couple of packets of seed, if available, you could try a few leeks and parsnips.  It's later than normal but ......
  • gondorgondor Posts: 135
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    Spring onions. I'm going to sow some seed this week. Although they will be ready before December!
  • EustaceEustace Posts: 2,120
    kale and radishes.
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  • From seed: American land cress, spinach. spinach beet, mustards, cress, lettuce, salad rocket, wild rocket, winter purslane, chard.

  • Just sown some more pak choi, kohl rabi and carrots.
    Inter sowed spinach beet where some seeds hadn't germinated before.
    Next week will be the next sowing of swiss chard.
    All a gamble but with the weather being so difficult every thing is worth a go.
  • bcpathomebcpathome Posts: 1,268
    Don’t forget potatoes ,they should be ok too.
  • mj10364mj10364 Posts: 16
    thanks you so much for taking the time to reply, I like the sound of the veg, suggestions - some I hadn't considered before. MJ
    1. Peas.
    2. Radishes.
    3. Carrots
    4. Cucumbers
    5. Kale
    6. Swiss Chard
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