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Welcome to you rich autumn days😒
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    not  :/ put another log on the fire, Mildred
    “It's still magic even if you know how it's done.” 
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    Do you mind???   We're getting to 27C tomorrow and 30C on Wednesday and so on.  I expect we'll be sending some warm winds your way in a day or two.
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  • Just popped out for cards, wrapping paper and just in case cellophane (other brands available). Got the first two in the first shop,  no tape! Plenty of packing tape though.  Same with second and third shop.

    Why sell wrapping paper but not tape to close it around the gift? In my opinion it's like a chippy selling a fish supper without chips! Cellotape goes with wrapping paper, there's no point using the paper or even selling it without the tape. Of course you can find a way to wrap without tape but who has time for special folding or use of ribbon. Plus our local shops don't sell ribbon neither. I know it's not very important but it's really niggled me that items used together isn't sold together especially since its likely big items are supplied by the same company.
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    Never ever buy a Hewlett Packard printer. Ever. Constant battles with the thing to accept that I'm not going to use their over-priced ink cartridges and now it's refusing to print a black and white document because it's out of yellow. :| 
    Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people
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    @Hostafan1 we watched Panorama too. It was all I could do to stop OH  from throwing things at the TV.  No doubt it's all in off shore funds, just like his old man. 
    AB Still learning

  • I used to be amazed at how much Blair got from lecturing at a top us grad school. Ostensibly he got paid to run a course with a professor there but apparently he wasn't needed to get involved. It sounded like the school paid him to allow them to put his name on the course notes. Not sure he even did anything for what was a million pounds or dollars fee!!!

    Then he was appointed special liaison in the middle East by W. Bush for probably a big payout. Jobs for the boys and a thank you from us president.

    AIUI  he was out earned by his missus while in politics by a huge margin.  In the first year after leaving politics I read it reported that he earned in excess of £10 million! He worked his contacts obtained when in number ten really very efficiently  I reckon and was probably a good role model for Cameron and later PMs looking to milk their time in number ten as hard as they can,  while they can. If Trump had won a second term there's a possibility Boris would benefit  like Bliar did through backing up US president/USA.

    How do you stop this? Perhaps one way is paying them a lot more or perhaps a big retirement payout in exchange for actually retiring and leaving their contacts behind in number ten.  That won't be a popular option with voters I reckon.
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,994
    Epson's the same and there's a Windows 10 glitch that means you have to disable spooling whatever tf that is @wild edges
    Which did a survey and printer's ink is the most expensive liquid you can buy by miles.
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,994
    that he earned in excess of £10 million! 
    I'm not sure earned is the word you were looking for😒
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • My point really, they're all using what they left downing Street with to make money. Often that is simply the private numbers of still influential people and the knowledge that those people will still pick up even though he's no longer in number ten. Whether that's earning or exploiting probably depends on whether you're the ex pm or not. Most people don't see it as truly earning your income.
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    As I said " pigs in a trough the whole damned lot of them" 
    Given that MPs write their own rule book, they can all claim " I acted within the rules " 
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