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What's wrong with this flowering currant?

ManderMander GatesheadPosts: 328
I have two well established flowering currant shrubs in my hedge that have developed this powdery look to the leaves and are now shriveling up and dying back earlier than I expected. Any ideas?


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,076
    Looks like powdery mildew which is a problem that happens to plants stressed by their conditions.

    You need to prune out all the affected bits of stem going back to a healthy leaf or bud.  Check that the plant is not congested by having too many stems, being too crowded by neighbour or too close to a wall or fence which impairs air flow.

    Remove any weeds or grass below it and gently fork over the soil below.   Check that it is neither water-logged nor dry.  Water if necessary, especially in dry spells. 
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  • this has appeared on my flowering currant. What is it?
  • CH1973CH1973 Posts: 48
    Looks like some sort of gall 🤷
  • ManderMander GatesheadPosts: 328
    Are you sure it's attached? Looks like a plum or something that has fallen and got caught in the branches!
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