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Red Rose found in Cyprus

Hello,  Can anyone identify this red rose which appears to be grown all over the island of Cyprus? :)     Thank you in anticipation!


  • There's so many thousands of red roses it may be a struggle for anyone to help. But would be useful to post a picture of the whole plant to assess the overall habit and then close ups of the foliage, the buds and fully open flowers to study the internal structure in detail. 
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  • WoodgreenWoodgreen Posts: 1,273
    The petals look quite distinctive, sort of ruffled?
    I wonder if the question was posted on the rose thread,  someone may know of it?
  • vhallvhall Posts: 6
    Many thanks Woodgreen.  I was not aware that there was a dedicated rose thread but will try it.   You are right too about the petals which are almost poppy like.  It certainly is really beautiful.
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,478
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    George is right, there are so many, but there is a semi-double red rose called Flanders (poppy like?) with ruffled petals by Peter Beales. The foliage of it looks a bit darker than in your photo, but leaf colour can be different depending on growing conditions or the exposure of your photo. I do know of several Greek residents who used to import roses from Beales (pre Brexit) as choice is more limited for them, especially on the islands. Just a hunch though, I’m not at all certain!

    PS - here is the link, see what you think..
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  • vhallvhall Posts: 6
    Hello Nollie, 
    I believe you are right as it looks exactly like the photo I received from my sister yesterday, who is in Cyprus on holiday.   It is a beautiful rose and very appropriately named too.

    Thanks to both Woodgreen & Fire too.
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