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Leveling my Garden

Good evening everyone.
I'm just after some advice on how best to level my back Garden.
I started thinking to do his as I bought a fairly big pool for my back garden, and only when I started filling it with water could I see just how unlevel the garden is.
I have liad a new fence along with Gravel boards so what ever I use to level it will compress against these.
I'm just not sure what kind of a mix of gravel and soil or what combination I need to use to get the best results.
Thankyou so much.


  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,689
    Don't mound the soil against the gravel board, unless it's concrete. (Even if it is, bear in mind the weight of the soil could cause cracking). Maybe a small sleeper wall would help. If you are raising levels up to 300mm, you can just use new topsoil to bring up the level. To avoid the expense of importing new topsoil, you could do a balanced cut and fill as below (would also require a retaining structure along the fence line on the 'cut' section). 

    See the source image
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