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Dr Jackson Rose

Teresa83Teresa83 Posts: 22
Hi - My daughter has had a baby called Jackson and I would like to buy this rose but can't find it anywhere .. does anyone know where I could find one?


  • I love roses but don't understand this tendency of looking for one just based on a name. Just find a beautiful variety and dedicate it to the person you want to celebrate. Then it becomes their special rose because of its beauty and not a commercial name. 
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  • It's an old David Austin variety so is probably no longer available, You could email them to confirm.
  • Teresa83Teresa83 Posts: 22
    Thanks for your help - I emailed David Austin earlier but they don’t sell it now.  
  • PlantmindedPlantminded Posts: 2,259
    Hi there, not exactly what you're looking for, but this could be an option to consider:
    Jack's Wish (Hybrid Tea) (
    There's also a "name your own rose" option offered, but I'm not sure I'm convinced!!  Good luck with your search.
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  • Teresa83Teresa83 Posts: 22
    Thank you! That’s lovely - I’ll check it out ☺️
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