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Someone to grow on rose cuttings

Hi. My sister in law recently passed away . Her name was Helen Robinson. There was a Helen Robinson rose which is no longer in production. I have found someone who has the rose bush. A friend of the Helen Robinson who founded Hyde Hall. She has offered me cuttings but I don't have the skill to grow them on. I am looking for a rose grower who could do this for me. Prepared to pay obviously. Would appreciate any recommendations. I have tried Haskness Roses but no reply.


  • David Austin is another well known rose specialist.
    You could also enquire at the National Rose Society or perhaps you have a rose society reasonably local to you ?
  • It's not difficult to grow them from cuttings but it will take a year before you have a plant to repot. 

    There's this very nice Carole Klein clip explaining with a salvia but it's the same process for a rose
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  • I am sorry for your loss. Speaking as a person who is khaki-thumbed as opposed to green-fingered, I can appreciate your anxiety over this, but I have successfully grown roses from cuttings and it wasn't difficult. There's by no means a 100% strike rate, so get as many cuttings as your contact can give you to hedge your bets, but if you follow the instructions above, some should succeed. Good luck.
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    Just to note that it does seem that some roses take from cuttings very much more easily than others. It seems it's not always possible. @Mr. Vine Eye
  • Thank you for your replies. I have tried cuttings from my own roses with no success but will try your suggestions.  
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